7 reasons to study abroad in Hong Kong

Learning mandarin in Hong Kong doesn’t seem to be a good idea. You normally won’t think of going to Hong Kong to study there. But, there are a few good reasons why you should study abroad in Hong Kong. Here are 7 reasons to study abroad in Hong Kong that might convince you to go studying abroad, rather than studying in your own country.

Hong Kong isn’t what it seems to be

The picture that we are getting from Hong Kong is the skyscrapers and the rush that are just endless. They are over population and the pollution. However, when you are going to study and learn mandarin in Hong Kong, you will most definitely learn another part of the city that you didn’t realize existed. Know more about Food in Hong Kong here!

Then, you will learn that there are more to the city than just the skyscrapers and the rush. You will learn about the noodle shops and the smoky Daoist temples. There are far more to see in Hong Kong than we all realize.

Expensive to live there

If you just want to move to Hong Kong to start making a living there, you will soon realize that it is very expensive to get a house there. The expenses of living in Hong Kong are very expensive, but not if you are a student.

If you are a student and learning mandarin in Hong Kong, you will notice that there are a lot of student halls that are really cheap and affordable. This will provide you with accommodation in the prime real estate area.

Hong Kong has the best food in the world

If you love trying new food and eating interesting foods, then you should know that when you are going to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong, that the food there is extremely delicious. In Hong Kong, the best thing to hang out with your friends is to go eat some good quality, but cheap food in a restaurant.

There are a lot of different restaurants in Hong Kong, and they know how to prepare quality, but affordable food. You most definitely won’t go hungry when you are going to study in Hong Kong.

You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities

When you are going to learn mandarin in Hong Kong, the last thing that you will think is that you will have some options to enjoy outdoor activities. But, the actual fact is that there are many national parks in Hon Kong. The facts are that 70% of Hong Kong is all about national parks. You will be able to find easy access to outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and even rock climbing. So, don’t think that you will be bored when you are going to study abroad in Hong Kong.

You will be surprised on what Hong Kong has to offer you, when you are thinking or studying abroad in Hong Kong. You won’t just stay in your room and study and see the rush of the city. There are a lot more to Hong Kong than just the busy rush and city. There are even a lot of National Parks that you will be able to enjoy. You won’t regret learning mandarin in Hong Kong, when you are thinking of studying abroad.

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